Speed Cuber

Let me just solve this cube
with a white cross first but I’m still not really fast enough
To be stable sub-10 I gotta speed up
Just turn and turn double-turn and flip
Use next level algs for a PLL skip

Gotta step my game up with a new maglev
Be color neutral and improve look-ahead
Have the latest, greatest magnetic cube
and feed it with some awesome lube

But I’m still too slow
and my cube still gets stuck
Learn’d Winter variations
but I’m out of luck

Spend all my paychecks…
– Trying to be as awesome
as Feliks Zemdegs

But I’m still too slow
at cross and F2L
Have long recognition
for my PLL

Botched my solve…
— That’s a DNF!
with COLL…
— That’s another DNF!
While the others solve in overdrive

Gotta take back my Ao5…

The guidance of the legend
– Zemdegs
Says I have to practice slow solve
– Zemdegs
And the legend
– Daddy Zemdegs

IS RIGHT – yo…

I don’t wanna build blocks
Petrus or ZZ
Gotta be fast like Max
with the eyes of Kolasiński 
Using Valk Last Slot to boost my stamina
I give thanks to the CFOP inventor Jessica

But I’m still too slow
it’s like a boomerang
Gotta shave off seconds
to beat Yiheng Wang

Employ new finger tricks…
– Trying to be amazing as Feliks Zemdegs

And I’m still too slow
at cross and F2L
Failed summer variations
and one-look LL

Botched my solve
— That’s a DNF!
with COLL
— That’s another DNF!
No more failures, no more deja vu
now I’m switching to solve with Roux…

Other songs by me:

Tekst: Jakob Dam, 2023
Arrangement: Jakob Dam, 2023

Sang: Jakob Dam
Komposition: Jakob Dam
Instrumenter: Jakob Dam

Software: Cubase 12
Mikrofon: RØDE NT2

Keywords and themes:
Speed cubing, Rubik’s Cube, Feliks Zemdegs, Max Park, Tymon Kolasiński, Jessica Fridrich,
CFOP, Roux, Petrus, ZZ, COLL, Winter variations, Last Layer, DNF